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What we have to throw and to get?

<What we have to throw and to get?>, Installation, 2013, Shin Art Museum, Korea

This is the installation work that was exhibited at the Shin Art Museum in Korea


There are many words on a lot of paper. There are things to throw and things to get in those words. In the back video, my video work "Tschüss Geiz!" is playing together.

Life is a series of many words. Life is impossible without words and language. This word also has feelings. Feelings to throw away, feelings to hold on to hold on.  Then we'll have to hold onto something we have to hold on to...And the courage to throw away the things that need to be thrown away. 

많은 종이에 많은 단어가 있습니다. 버려야할 것이 있고 붙잡아야 할 것이 있습니다. 종이 뒤로 영상에서는 제 비디오 작업 "Tschüss Geiz!" 함께 플레이되고 있습니다. 인생은 많은 단어의 연속입니다. 인생은 말과 언어 없이는 불가능합니다. 단어에는 감정 역시 포함됩니다. 버리고 싶은 감정, 붙잡고 싶은 감정. 붙잡아야 할 것을 붙잡고, 버려야 할 것을 버릴 수 있는 용기.

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