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Jesus > everything


17.Jan-23.Mar 2022, Klinik Hohe Mark


This exhibition titled "Jesus>everything" begins with a series of works called <More than word>. A total of 17 works in this exhibition are the <more than word> series.
We live with so many words and conversations. A life without communication, without words, and without conversation is impossible.

But one day, there was a time when it sounded so sweet and so beautiful, with words that I always knew and heard.
"Oh! It's real!" I keep thinking that. 
So I decided to express the words and words I heard with a tool called my painting. In fact, the amazing story is too big to be expressed in writing or drawing. So That's why this series started.

In particular, the title of the exhibition is one of the titles of the work. Jesus>everything? In fact, everything is right. But it's because I'm too short to tell a big, high, deep, and wide amazing story as everything I know. 
Through 17 tasks, I hope to find the answer to what is bigger than everything. You will see the picture, read and hear the sentence, and feel the confession of the picture.

My all for Him...I give him the best of my expression.

Your grace is enough, 2019

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, 2020

You are, 2017

Good News, 2019

Under Grace, 2019

Jesus is my strength, 2019

John3:16, 2019

He tells me i am His own, 2021

He walks with me, 2021

He talks with me, 2021

Jesus>everything, 2020

My all for Him, 2019

grace upon grace, 2019

In His step, 2019

For Christ‘s love compels us, 2018

Abba Father, 2019

What an amazing grace!, 2019

Your grace is enough
I am not ashamed of the Gospel

There are things that cannot be expressed in words, and there are things that cannot be expressed in painting. 

For me, it's a very experimental attempt that goes backwards from the previous work and exhibition. The reason for this attempt is that the good news I heard is the most beautiful.

 Your grace is enough.
  I am not ashamed of the gospel.

This work is the beginning of this series<more than word>. In December 2017, just like children waiting for Christmas while tearing off the Christmas calendar, I expressed 'He' in 25 words.

Anyway, due to this work that I started by chance, I kept talking about 'Him', which cannot be expressed in 25 words alone.

You are

Your grace is enough, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2020

You are

<You are>, Oil on Canvas, 160x160cm, 2017

good news

 Good news

I think it's the word I want to talk about the most in this exhibition. On top of many colors, this word is written on a bumpy surface, which is really good news.

Good News, mixed on wood, 30x30cm, 2019

Under Grace

Jesus is my strength

What kind of explanation is needed? It is true that it is just expressed and left in text. The real thing is engraved on top of an interesting color.

under grace
Jesus is my strength.


The biggest reason why I became interested in the topic of words is the word of God. These incredible words, these incredible words have power. It moves me. Perhaps that's why I thought about expressing John 3:16. Of course, I can't express everything. A painting is a praise and a proclaim.


I hope the power of these words that the world thinks are boring can be conveyed well. Find this sentence that moves us unchangingly.


<John3:16>, Oil on Canvas, 160x160cm, 2019

He walks with me

He talks with me

He tells me i am His own

I come to the garden alone  

While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear

The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own;

And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known.

It's a poem by C.A. Miles. The melody and poem of the hymns I've heard since I was young feel like I'm walking in a beautiful garden with him. 



He tells me i am His own

mixed on wood, 60x80cm,2021

In fact, the sentence I want to talk about the most is "No one knows the joy we received from each other," but the three sentences in these three pictures will make you wonder about this joy.


He walks with me, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2021

He talks with me, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2021


This work is one of the series <More than words>.  Is there anything bigger than everything? Everything is everything. But if I can express His big heart, I'd say

He's bigger than everything I know. And yes!

All the inspiration for my work comes from Him. The truth that the world knew or didn't know remains unchanged. How nice it would be to find Him through the words and sentences written in the picture!


Jesus>everything, Oil on Canvas, 160x160cm, 2020


My all for Him

grace upon grace

In His step

I like to add and express on the basis of failure.
There is always a risk, but there is a tension and joy of completion that is completely different from the first attempt being a good completed task.

​It seems to have failed and failed, and He engraves
His heart on the imperfect surface.
And as His heart is engraved, He moves toward completion.



my all fot Him, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

grace upon grace, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

in His step , mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

For Christ‘s love compels us

Abba Father

What an amazing grace!


I asked my junior from Slovakia, "Where did you learn painting to come to art college?"
In German, he answered "Überalll" everywhere. But for me, it's so fresh that I can't forget the expression. 
We can see, meet, and feel him everywhere. 


The last scene of this exhibition ends with "Abba, what an amazing grace!"


for Christ's love compels us

mixed on wood, 80x80cm, 2018

Abba Father, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

What an amazing grace, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

Under Grace, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

Jesus is my strength, mixed on wood, 60x60cm, 2019

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